Mutton Sheek Kebab

Mutton - its a healthier non-veg option. Lets see how to prepare mutton kebab at our own kitchen without the use of coal stove - instead we can use our own gas stove and with minimum ingredients can prepare a tastier dish. Ingredients:      Mutton kheema – 250 grams (get it nicely chopped to [...]

Milk Rabadi

Sarbath - made from fruits and syrup helps to cool us on a hot summer day. Milk rabadi is a healthy Sarbath made out of milk and with a mixture of fruits and nuts in it. They help us stay hydrated on a hot day and also be healthy. Ingredients: Note: This is for making[.....]

Chicken Jalfrezi – Bengal Famous

Chicken Jalfrezi - Bengal Famous Chicken Jalfrezi - its a tastier version of chicken gravy prepared mostly in bengal. It has little ingredients yet gives a flavour full and tastier dish. Ingredients:     Chicken – 250 grams (Boneless)     Oil – 2 tablespoons     Capsicum – 1 (medium sized)     Onion[.....]

Lebanese Chicken Kebab

Chicken is the favorite non veg option for most of us - preparing kebabs is a easy process against what you have always thought. Lebanese kebab can be prepared with very little ingredients and in easy steps with just the pan and stove that we have in our kitchen. Lets see how to make it[.....]

Bread Omlette

Bread omlette with Mayonnaise and Pudhina Chutney An easy breakfast or evening snack, the bread omlette is a healthy snack and liked by kids and grown ups equally. We can prepare it with very less ingredients and quickly to pacify our hunger. Lets see how to prepare it in a tasty way. Ingredients: Ingredients for[.....]

Elephant Yam Fry

ருசியான   சேனை கிழங்கு   பொறியல் We can fry potatoes for a tastier vegetarian side dish, and as an alternative we can prefer to have fried 'elephant foot yam'. Its available cheap and can be cooked easily too. Lets prepare this in a tasty and healthy way. Ingredients:     Elephant yam - 500g     Garam[.....]

Red Chilli & Green Chilli Sauce

Instead of buying 'green chilli or red chilli sauce' from shop, we can make it at our home, in easy steps and in a healthy way without much preservatives or colors. Also, we can preserve and use it for 1 month to 6 months period. Ingredients: For Green Chilli Sauce      Green Chilli –[.....]

Prawn Gravy

Of the many sea food varieties available, prawn stands out as a prime choice for most of the sea food lovers. Preparing a juicy and tasty prawn gravy is a simple process and will be loved by all. Ingredients:      Prawn – 600 grams    (We need to buy 1 kg of prawn -[.....]

Karachi Style Chicken Biryani

Biryani is all time favorite for all of us. Let us prepare a different version of biryani - the Karachi style of preparing this delicacy. A lot of ingredients go into the making and the end result is a mouth watering dish with lots of colour and flavour. A sure to be tasted variety of[.....]