Tawa Masala Prawn Fry

Prawn is one of the favorite among non-veg lovers. Preparing 'tawa masala prawns' is a very easy process and requires minimum ingredients too. The dish will be an all time favorite for the whole family [...]

Mongolian Chicken

Ingredients: For Marination     Chicken – 500 grams (cut it like strips)     Corn flour - 1 tablespoon     Maida - 1 tablespoon     Pepper powder - 1/4 tablespoon    [.....]

Egg Masala

Egg is good for health, its easily available, with less ingredients we can prepare a tasty gravy.  Ingredients: For preparing masala paste     Oil - 5 tablespoon     Cumin - 1/4 tablespoon  [.....]

Special Rasam

Rasam - is a South Indian traditional soup made with tamarind, tomatoes, spices and aromatic herbs. Today lets prepare it in a special way yet with simple steps. Ingredients: The ingredients mentioned below are for[.....]

Mutton Sheek Kebab

Mutton - its a healthier non-veg option. Lets see how to prepare mutton kebab at our own kitchen without the use of coal stove - instead we can use our own gas stove and with[.....]

Elephant Yam Fry

ருசியான   சேனை கிழங்கு   பொறியல் We can fry potatoes for a tastier vegetarian side dish, and as an alternative we can prefer to have fried 'elephant foot yam'. Its available cheap and can be cooked easily[.....]

Prawn Gravy

Of the many sea food varieties available, prawn stands out as a prime choice for most of the sea food lovers. Preparing a juicy and tasty prawn gravy is a simple process and will be[.....]

Butter Garlic Chicken

Dishes made from chicken are a favorite among non vegetarians. The butter garlic chicken is a easy to prepare recipe and serves as a tasty starter. Its very flavorful and healthy too and can be[.....]