Kerala Border Biryani

Ingredients     Chicken – 1 kg     Seeraga samba rice – 1 kg     Chilli powder – 3/4 tbsp     Coriander powder – 1 tbsp     Cumin powder – 1/4 tbsp     Curd – 100ml     Fennel seeds – 3/4 tbsp     Garam masala powder – 1/4 … Read more

Pepper Spleen Gravy

Goat Spleen – is a very good supplement to increase hemoglobin level. Its an essential intake for lactating mothers and people with less hemoglobin count. We can prepare it easily with less ingredients. Ingredients     Spleen – 2     Coriander leaves – few     Coriander powder – 1/2 tbsp     Ginger … Read more

Instant Vegetable Pickle

Pickle – is an unavoidable item in almost all of the desi main courses during lunch time. We shall prepare a pickle with carrots and radish along with other spices, that will give a tangy and hot pickle. We can prepare this pickle easily at our home and can be tasted with either rice or … Read more

Onion Bonda (Tea Shop style)

Bonda – its one of the most favorite snacks that are easily available in almost all the tea shops of Tamil Nadu. Its very easy to prepare and requires less ingredients and takes less time to prepare. It tastes great with chutney as an accompaniment. Its just a vada like snack but contains onions, coriander … Read more

Custard Apple Payasam

Custard Apple, its a very healthy fruit. We will prepare a dessert with this fruit’s pulp and include other ingredients that are very healthy. We will use almond gum, it is very good to cool down our body and also sabja seeds renowned to cool down our body. The base is thick cream milk which … Read more

Ven Pongal (Restaurant Style)

Ingredients     Rice – 500g (We can either use “Ponni Raw Rice” or “Pongal Raw Rice” or just Raw rice)     Moong dal – 250 grams     Cashew – 50 grams     Cumin – 1/4 tbsp     Curry leaves – few     Ghee – 100 ml     Ginger … Read more

Special Vadakari

Vada-kari, as the name indicates, is a dish that has vada as the core ingredient. In this curry, we use a healthy pulse called the ‘bengal gram’ along with easily available spices to churn out a super delicious dish. In Chennai, there is a prominent area called ‘Saidapet’, wherein we can find a tiffin shop … Read more

Oil Less Chicken Gravy

Usually the non-veg dishes have a heavy dose of oil as ingredient. But for people who are conscious about their fat intake, especially the gym lovers and body builders, opt for a low oil food. They too need to woo their crave for a tasty non-veg dish – so we are going to prepare a … Read more

Fish Head Curry

We will be buying fish for our home and mostly cooking the fish body alone. From now on, we can utilize the fish head also to make a tasty curry. Lets prepare the fish head curry in very simple steps with easily available ingredients and the dish will come out very tasty. Ingredients     … Read more

Beef Nihari

Nihari is a dish that was introduced and served to the kings in the Mughal period. From then the taste and the preparing technique has been carefully cascaded to generations. It is a favorite among non-veg lovers of northern parts of India. In today’s time, it is one of the most favorite dishes to most … Read more

Salmon Chilli Fish

Fish – is well know for its health benefits. Lets prepare a dish which would be liked by kids and grown ups and also can be prepared easily and with less ingredients.  Ingredients For frying Fish      Fish – 500 grams (Here we have used Salmon fish but we can prefer any big size … Read more

Tawa Beef (Dashamakan Style)

Dashamakan Style Beef tawa – Its the famous tawa beef that we can taste in the ‘border thottam’ area of Chennai 600001. This tawa beef is famous for its prominent taste that comes from a lot of hard work that goes in to marinate the beef pieces. Each of the spice is added individually and … Read more

Tawa Masala Prawn Fry

Prawn is one of the favorite among non-veg lovers. Preparing ‘tawa masala prawns’ is a very easy process and requires minimum ingredients too. The dish will be an all time favorite for the whole family and goes well as an accomplishment with dosa, idli, appam or idiyappam. Ingredients Prawn – 1.5 kg  (Buy at least … Read more

Kashmiri Biryani

Kashmiri style biryani is well known for the colorful rice and chicken pieces that are well marinated in spices. Usually the south Indian biryani varieties have the rice flavored with spices while cooking. Whereas in this Kashmiri style, the chicken alone gets a heavy touch of spice and its aroma. The rice just has a … Read more

Hyderabadi Style Vegetable Biryani

Hyderabadi style biryani is most famous for the overcoming aroma of spices, large chunks of meat and colour of rice. But here we are going to use a few of the easily available vegetables and prepare a vegetarian style biryani without compromising the spices or steps to obtain a aromatic biryani at the end. Its … Read more