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“Makkale naan ungal Jabbar bhai! Neenga pathutrukrathu Food Area Tamil”

Yes, this is my formal way of greeting you all in my videos, if you are familiar with my YouTube channel ‘Food Area Tamil’.

I am Abdul Jabbar from a beautiful city in the south India – singara ‘Chennai’. People call me friendly as ‘Jabbar bhai’.

I am a cook, a Youtuber, a friendly person, live in Chennai and I’m a well-known marriage caterer doing the business for the past 20 years, mastering biryanis, Veg & Non-Veg recipes. I learnt cooking professionally from my master Hayat Basha Sahib who is a renowned cook in the heart of Chennai Royapettah at the age of 16.

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Journey from A cook to A youtuber

It’s been 20 years, I was catering for big marriages and parties and corporate orders across cities and States and everything is going good by grace of The Almighty, The One.  One of my close friends, brother Thoufic approached me with an idea of starting a YouTube channel.  At the beginning I was not taking this as a serious thing but at the same time I don’t want to disappoint my friend and agreed to start a YouTube channel  and we named it as ‘Food Area Tamil’.  This is how all it started from the beginning of Feb 2020. It’s been 10 months now and we wonder we have 500000+ subscribers by today!  all praises to The Almighty and I thank all my subscribers, my friends, my family and my team in achieving this success in this short period.

My success story

It is not very surprising that I have presented to my viewers what I have tried & mastered for the past 20 years and it came out very well for them. Biryani is one of the most craving and most sought out food in India and especially biryanis prepared in Muslim marriages, the area where I already mastered in.  ‘Simple ingredients – exact measurements & timings – important tips’ These three things from me gave my viewers, the home-made ‘Kalyana Biryani’ – a marriage style biryani.

Also, the all other veg and nonveg curries, sweets, side dishes and other foods – all that are given from my personal experience as a cook and came out very well to the viewers!

Youtube to Blog!

With all that being said, we thought of starting a blog dedicated for recipes we upload on YouTube channel ‘Food Area Tamil’ and that is how this blog began. We will continue to upload recipes and videos in this blog and we want your continuous support like you did for our YouTube channel!

Subscribe my YouTube Channel ‘Food Area Tamil’ if not done earlier! Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram!

With my regular endnote “Nama recipes ah kudumbathoda senju santhosama sapdunga”

Thank you all!


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