Crab Soup

Ingredients:     Crab - 1     Small Onion – 20 (shallots)     Oil - 2 tablespoons     Garlic - 10     Ginger - 1 inch     Coriander leaves - few     Green Chilli - 2     Tomato - 1     Cumin - 1/4 tablespoon     [...]

Spinach Pakoda

The spinach that we use for this snack is called ‘Tropical Amaranthus’. As we know, spinach are herbs that have the power of curing many rare diseases This herb is a rich source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, proteins, sugar. Kids mostly deny to have spinach with their meal. By making a pakoda with spinach mixed[.....]

Goat Lungs – Gravy

Ingredients:      Goat lungs – 1      Onion – 1      Tomato - 1      Green chilli - 2      Curd - 2 tablespoon      Salt - 1/4 tablespoon      Ginger & Garlic – 100 grams      Turmeric powder - 1/4 tablespoon      Coriander powder -[.....]

Spinach Prawn Gravy

Spinach is a very good source of many nutrients. Prawn is a very tasty and healthy sea food option. Here, lets make a dish with these two, prawn and spinach, as the main ingredients, so we can evaluate how rich it will be in nutrients and taste. Lets make it in a easier way at[.....]

Blue Crab Masala Curry

Crabs - most fond among sea food lovers, its a dish with medicinal values too. It helps in soothing cold and fever. It can be prepared easily in our home. Ingredients:     Crab – 1 kg     Oil – 100 grams     Green Chilli – 4     Tomato – 2 (medium[.....]

Leaf Tea and Lemon Mint Tea

Steps to Prepare “Lemon mint tea” (1)    Place a pan on the burner – turn on the flame. Pour 0.5 litres of water. Let it boil. Once water boils, turn the flame to LOW mode. (2)    Put tea dust – 2 pinches (2 pinch = less than 1/4 tablespoon). Let the water boil for another[.....]

Betel Leaves Kashayam

Betel Leaves Kashayam The water extract of betel leaves helps to increase immunity in our body and clean our lungs – a must try during this pandemic. Ingredients: Water – 500 ml Palm Candy - 1 tablespoon Betel - 1 Pepper - 15 Cinnamon - 1 Cardamom – 1 Cumin - 2 pinch Dried ginger[.....]