Coriander Rice

Ingredients:     Rice – 300 Grams (we can use either ‘parboiled rice’ or ‘raw rice’)     Water – 500 ml     Oil – 3 tablespoons + 100 ml (ground nut oil preferably)     Ginger - 3 inch     Green Chilli - 6     Garlic - 10     Coriander [...]

Bread Omlette

Bread omlette with Mayonnaise and Pudhina Chutney An easy breakfast or evening snack, the bread omlette is a healthy snack and liked by kids and grown ups equally. We can prepare it with very less ingredients and quickly to pacify our hunger. Lets see how to prepare it in a tasty way. Ingredients: Ingredients for[.....]

Egg Semiya

A simple dish that can be made as breakfast, healthy and will be liked by kids a lot. Lets prepare it in a simple yet tasty way. Ingredients: (This measure serves 2 adults or 3 kids)       Vermicelli - 1 pack (180 grams or 200 grams packet)     Egg - 2  [.....]

Rashmi Chicken Kebab Roll

Chicken is liked by all. Lets make a delicious chapati roll with chicken stuffed inside.  Ingredients:     Chicken - 300g (boneless)     Wheat flour - 100g     Maida - 100g     Ginger garlic paste - 1 tablespoon     Salt - 1 tea spoon     Lemon - 1/2    [.....]

Milk Pasta

A quick breakfast for children. Ingredients:     Pasta - 200 gram     Full cream Milk - 500 ml     Cardamom seeds - few     Sugar - 50 gram Things to be done before we start cooking Take 5 cardamoms – break them into half – just take the seeds and keep[.....]

Mutton Kheema-Paneer Mattar Masala

Mutton Kheema Paneer Mattar Masala An excellent side dish for Indian bread varieties like chappathi, pulka, roti and dosa. A must try at home on special occasions. Ingredients: Mutton - 150 grams (kheema_Mutton) Onion - 1 Clove – 3 Oil – 100 ml Cinnamon - 1 Green Chilli - 1 Coriander leaves – few Green[.....]

Chicken Semiya Biryani (Dum Style)

Chicken Semiya Biryani (Dum Style) The ‘chicken semiya biryani’ can be prepared for breakfast more likely and will surely be a delicious dish for kids to enjoy in the morning. Vermicelli – as we know is ‘calorie-dense’ and high in carbohydrates, low in cholesterol and hence is suited for all age groups. Adding chicken to[.....]