A quick breakfast for children.


  1. Pasta – 200 gram
  2. Full cream Milk – 500 ml
  3. Cardamom seeds – few
  4. Sugar – 50 gram

Things to be done before we start cooking

  • Take 5 cardamoms – break them into half – just take the seeds and keep them aside.
  • If we don’t prefer the smell of cardamom, we can skip adding this.

Steps to Prepare

(1)    Place a steel vessel on big burner – pour half a litre water. Let the water to boil in high flame.

(2)    Add 200 grams of pasta to the boiling water. Stir gently a little and then turn the flame to LOW mode. 

Let the pasta get cooked in low flame for another 3 or 4 minutes. Stir continuously so that pasta don’t stick to each other.

(3)    Take one piece of pasta – try to press it – if it’s cooked it will be very soft. Immediately remove the vessel with pasta from the burner – keep it aside.

(4)    Place another pan on big burner. Pour 1/2 litre of full cream milk. If we are unable to get full cream milk, then pour 700 ml of normal milk.

(5)    Boil the milk – till the full cream milk reduces to 300 ml. The same to be done for normal milk – let the 700 ml of milk boil and reduce to just 300 ml of milk.

(6)    Add the cardamom seeds. If we don’t prefer the smell of cardamom, we can skip adding this.

Instead, we can add one of the below 2 at the last – after pasta is prepared fully – rose essence – 2 drops or rose water – 2 tablespoons.

(7)    Add the already boiled pasta to the thick boiling milk. Stir a little – turn the flame to high for 1 minute.

We need to stir continuously in boiling milk so that pasta don’t stick with each other.

(8)    Once the milk boils and reduces to very little, lets add 50 grams of sugar. Then stir and mix the contents well. Turn the flame to low – stir a little – in another 3 minutes the remaining milk will reduce to little.

(9)    Turn off the flame – let the pasta cool down a little. The little milk left over in the pan will harden and stick to pasta strands.

(10)    After pasta cools down, we can add any one or all of the below to taste even more delicious –

  • apple – ½ (chopped into small and add)
  • banana – chopped
  • mango – chopped
  • dry nuts like badam, cashew, pista.
  • dates
  • milk maid

That’s all folks, our tasty yet healthy milk pasta is ready to be cherished by our kids. They will surely love this as an alternate breakfast.

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