Beans Mutton Curry

Beans Mutton Curry Beans and mutton, both are rich in proteins, fiber and iron. Lets prepare a dish with these two as primary ingredients. Ingredients:     Mutton – 100 grams     Oil - 3 tablespoon     Onion - 1     Tomato - 1     Beans - 1/4 kg     [...]

Milk Honey Sarbath

Milk Honey Sarbath Milk and honey - both are rich in nutrients. The sarbath made with these 2 tends to be a energy booster as well as cools our body during hot days.  Ingredients:     Badam - 10     dry grapes - 20     cashew - 10     dry dates -[.....]

Drumstick Mutton Salna

Drumstick is rich in iron and mutton has good levels of protein and fat. Definitely the dish with this two as ingredients is to be a sure health and energy booster. Lets make a healthy and tasty dish with this. Ingredients:     Mutton - 1/4 kg     Onion – 2     Tomato[.....]