Vala Meenu Karuvattu Kulambu

Vala Meenu Karuvattu Kulambu This curry made from dried fish crumbs is a delicacy among the coastal village households mostly - is very healthy too as the dried fish are rich in vitamin-D. Ingredients:   Butter beans – 100 g   Water – 500 ml (for boiling)   Ribbon dried fish - 4 pieces   [...]

Ambur Special Mutton Biryani

Ambur Special Mutton Biryani The ambur mutton biryani is a delicacy among biryani lovers and is a must try by all - lets see how to prepare this version of biryani. Ingredients: Seeraga samba rice - 1kg Mutton - 1kg Ghee – 100 grams Cardamom - 5 Cinnamon - 5 Clove - 10 Oil -[.....]