The easiest way to make a tasty sweet– let’s see how to prepare rice kheer.


  • Milk – 1 ltr
  • Rice – 100g
  • Water – 1 ltr
  • Sugar less milk kova – 300g
  • Sugar – 300g
  • Elaichi seeds – 6
  • Almond – 50g
  • Saffron (1 gram box)
  • Ghee – 3 tablespoons

Things to be done before we start cooking

  • Rinse 100 gram of basmati rice softly in clean water. Repeat it again to clean it fully and then soak it in a bowl with fresh water for 5 hours. Keep it aside.
  • Buy just 1 gram of saffron, take 4 or 6 strands of it and soak in little water for 10 minutes.
  • Take 6 elaichi, break them and get the seeds alone.
  • Cut the sugarless milk kova into small pieces.

Steps to Prepare

Place a wide mouth vessel on burner – Pour 100 ml water – let the water boil.

Take 50g of almond (badam) in a small bowl.
Pour the boiling water into the almond bowl.
Let it soak for 10 to 12 minutes.
This will help us peel the skin from almond easily.

Put the peeled almonds into small jar of our ‘mixer grinder’.
Pour 2 tablespoons of water and grind it into a fine paste (more like dosa batter).
Then keep this almond paste aside.

Keep a wide mouth vessel on small burner. Keep the flame in high.
Pour in 1 litre of water and let it boil.

Now put the elaichi seeds into the boiling water.

Now, gently break the basmati rice (soaked in water for 5 hours) with your hands itself. Don’t use mixer grinder as it will powder the rice.
Crush the rice gently and break them into small.
Please note, we need to use only basmati rice – don’t use any other type of rice to make this kheer.

Add the broken rice into the already boiling water. 
Start stirring the rice continuously – please stir constantly.
Never stop stirring till the rice gets cooked (this is done to avoid burning of rice by sticking to the bottom of vessel).

Once the rice gets cooked, pour in 1 litre of full cream milk into it. Keep the flame in high.
Start stirring constantly to mix rice and milk well.

Once the milk boils, keep the flame in low.
Now, we need to let the milk boil in low flame for 15 minutes approximately.
Stir constantly.

Now, let’s add 300 gram of sugarless milk kova (we can get this sugarless kova from super market).
Start to stir continuously for another 5 minutes – for the milk kova to dissolve completely in milk.

If you are unable to buy the sugarless milk kova, then you can buy and add one “Nestle brand – MilkMaid” tin – but we have to add just 200 grams of sugar instead of 300 grams (because milkmaid will be sweet already)

Once the milk kova dissolves completely, put in 300 grams of sugar. Stir constantly so that sugar dissolves completely.  Note – if we are adding milkmaid, then 200 grams of sugar is enough.

After sugar dissolves, pour in 3 table spoons of ghee.
Keep the flame in HIGH now, stir continuously till ghee dissolves and mixes and bubbles come out.

Now, add a little of saffron. (just 5 or 6 strands of saffron)
If saffron is not available, add a pinch of yellow artificial colour.

Add the almond paste that we have initially made.
Let the contents boil for another 1 minute (in high flame) and stir continuously.
(We are adding almond paste only at last – so that we can feel its flavor very well).

Now, turn off the burner – our Kheer is ready to be served hot.

We can keep this kheer in refrigerator for some time and then serve it chill during summer times.

Serving Suggestion

Rice Kheer is a very famous dessert recipe in Indian marriages. You can have Kheer as  one of the desserts for your home get-togethers. In general, Rice Kheer tastes good with Sweet breads, Sweet buns, Roties.

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