Onion Bonda (Tea Shop style)

Bonda – its one of the most favorite snacks that are easily available in almost all the tea shops of Tamil Nadu. Its very easy to prepare and requires less ingredients and takes less time to prepare. It tastes great with chutney as an accompaniment. Its just a vada like snack but contains onions, coriander … Read more

Bottle gourd Payasam

Ingredients     Bottle Gourd – 1.5 kg     Badam – 10     Cashew – 30     Dry grapes – 30     Milk – 1 litre (try to buy ‘Full cream milk’)     Ghee – 50 grams     Cardamom – 5     Bay leaf – 2     … Read more

Mirchi Bhajji

Ingredients     Big green chillies (or banana peppers) – 7     Tamarind – the size of a lemon     Ground nut – 3 tablespoon     Green chilli – 4     Garam masala powder – 1/4 tablespoon     Cumin powder – 1/4 tablespoon     Salt – 2 pinch   … Read more

Spinach Pakoda

The spinach that we use for this snack is called ‘Tropical Amaranthus’. As we know, spinach are herbs that have the power of curing many rare diseases This herb is a rich source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, proteins, sugar. Kids mostly deny to have spinach with their meal. By making a pakoda with spinach mixed … Read more