Kerala Border Biryani

Ingredients     Chicken – 1 kg     Seeraga samba rice – 1 kg     Chilli powder – 3/4 tbsp     Coriander powder – 1 tbsp     Cumin powder – 1/4 tbsp     Curd – 100ml     Fennel seeds – 3/4 tbsp     Garam masala powder – 1/4 … Read more

Kashmiri Biryani

Kashmiri style biryani is well known for the colorful rice and chicken pieces that are well marinated in spices. Usually the south Indian biryani varieties have the rice flavored with spices while cooking. Whereas in this Kashmiri style, the chicken alone gets a heavy touch of spice and its aroma. The rice just has a … Read more

Hyderabadi Style Vegetable Biryani

Hyderabadi style biryani is most famous for the overcoming aroma of spices, large chunks of meat and colour of rice. But here we are going to use a few of the easily available vegetables and prepare a vegetarian style biryani without compromising the spices or steps to obtain a aromatic biryani at the end. Its … Read more

Vegetable and Mutton Kheema Biryani

Ingredients Basmati Rice – 1 kg Mutton Kheema – 250 grams Onion (400 grams) – chopped to thin slices. Cinnamon – 1 Clove – 6 Cardamom – 5 Oil – 250 ml (use either refined or ground nut or rice bran oil) Beans – 200 grams (French beans or green long beans) Carrot – 200 … Read more

Lucknow Style Chicken Biryani

Made with lesser ingredients, yet at the end the biryani comes out so flavorful, that is the specialty of our special ‘Lucknow style Chicken Biryani’. Lets see the steps to prepare it in our home. Ingredients Basmati Rice – 500 grams Chicken – 500 grams Onion – 250 grams Salt – 1 tablespoon Black Cardamom … Read more

Karachi Style Chicken Biryani

Biryani is all time favorite for all of us. Let us prepare a different version of biryani – the Karachi style of preparing this delicacy. A lot of ingredients go into the making and the end result is a mouth watering dish with lots of colour and flavour. A sure to be tasted variety of … Read more

Vegetable Biryani – Made in ‘Dindigul Biryani’ Style (using a ‘ready-to-mix’ masala)

Ingredients Veerah Dindigul Biriyani Mix – 4 Seeraga Samba Rice – 1kg Ghee – 100ml (prefer homemade ghee to get a good flavour) Water – 1.25 litres Potato – 300 grams (4 or 5 medium sized, peel skin, chop to medium size) Carrot – 200 grams (3 or 4 medium size, cut into small pieces) … Read more

Punjabi Style Chicken Biryani

Biryani is the most favorite dish among we Indians. There are many versions of it. Here, lets see the making of Punjabi version of chicken biryani and taste it. Ingredients Chicken – 1/2 kg Basmati Rice – 1/2 kg Red chilli – 3 Pepper – 1/4 tablespoon Coriander – 1/2 tablespoon Cumin – 1/4 tablespoon … Read more

Vegetable Vadi Biryani

Biryani is an all time favorite of we Indians – lets prepare it in a tastier way with vegetables. Ingredients Unity basmati rice – 1kg Onion – 400 grams (6 medium sized) Tomato – 400 grams (6 medium sized) Cinnamon – 3 Cardamom- 3 Clove -3 Oil – 250 ml Carrot – 200 grams (3 … Read more

Dindigul Style Mutton Biryani

Almost all of us love to have biryanis. The mutton biryani prepared in the ‘Dindigul style” is a delicious version of our favorite rice. Lets see how to cook it in simple steps. Ingredients Mutton – 1 kg Zeera Samba Rice – 1 kg Ghee – 6 tablespoon Onion – 200g Green chilli – 5 … Read more

Ambur Special Mutton Biryani

The ambur mutton biryani is a delicacy among biryani lovers and is a must try by all – lets see how to prepare this version of biryani. Ingredients Seeraga samba rice – 1kg Mutton – 1kg Ghee – 100 grams Cardamom – 5 Cinnamon – 5 Clove – 10 Oil – 150ml Onion – 450 … Read more

Beef Biryani

The beef biryani, made from chunks of beef boneless pieces is a delicacy to be enjoyed with friends and family – very easy to cook and tasty too. Ingredients Beef – 1.5 kg Unity Basmati rice – 1.5 kg Onion – 600 grams (7 or 8 medium sized) Tomato – 600 grams (7 or 8 … Read more

Seeraga samba – Mutton biryani – 1Kg(can serve 6 people)

The easiest way to prepare Seeraga samba – Mutton biryani. Ingredients Seeraga samba rice – 1kg Mutton – 1kg Oil – 200grm Onion – 400grm Cinnamon – 1grm Cardamom – 1grm Clove – 1grm Coriander Leaves – half hand Mint Leaves – half hand Ginger – 100g Garlic   – 50g Red Chilli powder – 2 tablespoon … Read more