Kashmiri Biryani

Kashmiri style biryani is well known for the colorful rice and chicken pieces that are well marinated in spices. Usually the south Indian biryani varieties have the rice flavored with spices while cooking. Whereas in [...]

Lucknow Style Chicken Biryani

Made with lesser ingredients, yet at the end the biryani comes out so flavorful, that is the specialty of our special 'Lucknow style Chicken Biryani'. Lets see the steps to prepare it in our home.[.....]

Vegetable Vadi Biryani

Vegetable Vadi Biryani Biryani is an all time favorite of we Indians - lets prepare it in a tastier way with vegetables. Ingredients:     Unity basmati rice - 1kg     Onion – 400[.....]

Beef Biryani

Beef Biryani The beef biryani, made from chunks of beef boneless pieces is a delicacy to be enjoyed with friends and family - very easy to cook and tasty too. Ingredients: Beef – 1.5 kg[.....]